Yes, in my backyard!

This morning I was out knocking on my neighbors doors (fulfilling my duties as a Democratic party PCO). The second door I went to was having a "party" to build a structure in the back yard. I went to the back to find the resident to give her the 37th LD flyer and encourage her to vote. I found out they weren't just building any kind of building in their backyard, they were building a house for someone who doesn't have a home as part of The Block Project. Theirs is the first to be built as part of this project and Robert will be moving in August 1st.

I'd heard about the project a while back. I don't think we could literally have one in our backyard (since we already have a bit larger and more conventional small house in it) but I'm glad to see the project going forward and people in our neighborhood hosting. Thank you to anyone who is volunteering or donating to this project.

Two folks on a porch with a small house being built in the background