What's in HB 1453 to better protect tenants?

I get a lot of political advocacy email. I got one asking me to comment in favor of Washington House bill 1453 to better protect tenants. It's primary sponsor is Nicole Macri who by all accounts is awesome and the advocacy group's summary sounded like a great thing for us to change, so I commented and expressed the sentiment that tenants should be as secure in housing as home owners are. Anyway, I couldn't find any articles quickly when I did comment, so here I am reading the full text the next day. :)

Important Changes

The most important changes I see are:

Smaller Changes

There are a number of what are obviously just grammatical and style fixes, but there are a number of smaller changes that seem like they might be helpful but don't seem as impactful.

What's Missing?

Obviously a lot of commonly desired tenant protections are missing from this bill! But since the bill text repeats the existing text of various sections to show the amendments, I obviously read more than the changes. The most shocking thing I noticed is around normal notice of termination of tenancy. Obviously there are circumstances when a landlord might ask a tenant who isn't behind on rent to leave. Under current state law, they only have to give 20 days notice. If you continue to occupy the property, you're "illegally detaining" it. By comparison, the state of Arizona (a place I've been a tenant in) requires 30 days. I can't even imagine finding a new place to rent within 20 days in Seattle.

Now to go hunt up what other tenant protection bills are being considered this session, as this one doesn't seem like nearly enough.