Ugly Random Soup

After I came home from the hospital I mostly spent a lot of time lying down. The drugs I'm on can make me ravenous. Plus it gets boring laying or sitting. One night I decided we must have soup for dinner. We didn't really plan it. I just picked things I thought would work with my ability to move my mouth and that would be satisfying and came up with a mixture that is very mild but full of flavor. Hilariously I cut my left pointer finger at the bend while moving onions to a prep bowl: my coordination is pretty poor at times and we had recently re-sharpened all the blades. I've been able to adjust but it was a good reminder of limits. :)

A bright colorful soup bowl filled with lots of murky chunks of vegetables floating in a light brown broth.


It's all veggies! No consistent amounts because I was not measuring. :)


The process is here is to add stuff into the soup pot in a rough order of what will suit longest cooking time,and simmer long enough between each and then simmer more at the end. Rough order: oil, onions, carrots, jackfruit, cabbage, ginger & garlic, stock and other seasonings (dashi, pepper, etc.), chickpeas, etc. Let it simmer a long time. Add the diced tomato later towards the end. Add more salt or whatnot for taste.

What would I change?

The big one would be to cut up the jackfruit. We like it's texture and flavor but the pieces didn't break up too well so I'd have to spoon them apart when eating. Maybe not the tiny dice of the carrots and onions but down to more smaller strips.