This week in Congress, Jan 3–6, 2017

In case you were under the misapprehension that Trump is the anomaly — that the things he’s advocated and said are beyond acceptability in national politics and don’t represent the Republican party or that Republican leaders just went along with him because they hope he’ll rubber stamp their different agenda — here are a few things that happened in the first week of the new Congressional session:

I realize that most of these bills won’t pass. Those that do will be significantly modified. But these are the legislative priorities of Republicans in Congress. The things the President-elect has advocated are not all that different than what the actual Republican party wants to pass.

Want to keep up with what is going on? You can browse all legislation for the current session or read the daily digests. They aren’t doing this in secret. If you have a Republican representative or Senator, call them when they support legislation you would not want. If yours are Democrats, then still call them on topics you care about. Get involved in state politics (do you know who represents you in your state legislature?)

(Note: this won’t necessarily be a regular feature despite the title.)