I 💚 bike share! Please don't mess it up!

Seattle's city council committee devoted to transportation issues received a presentation last week on our free floating bike share program and then passed an ordinance out of committee. The current bike "free floating" (park anywhere) bike share program is still technically under pilot rules. Lime Bike is apparently currently "winning" – I'm not at all surprised as I use a Lime bike at least a couple times a week and their pedal-assist e-bikes are just enough and I love them.

I do, however, have strong concerns about the proposed permanent rules. I'm writing this up really quickly in a blog but plan to extract a summary to send to my city council members and share it here so you, if you live or work in (or even just visit) Seattle have ideas for what you want to write. Other transportation options than carbon polluting and people killing heavy machinery are critical to a sustainable city (and even electric cars won't be enough). We need to do everything we can to make bike share a success!

My friend Logan wrote up his concerns with the program which I then summarized on twitter the other day. My main concerns are:

So there's the short-short list of my concerns with the proposed bike share program rules. It's too restrictive and I think will make it hard for share companies to be sustainable long-term. We need to do everything we can to make them successful because we desperately need options other than private carbon-polluting cars. 2035 and the need for us to be carbon-free is not very far away.