Election 2012: The Small Stuff

I’ve already gone over the major non-candidate items on my ballot. But I’m a completionist, so this post quickly goes over some smaller state and local questions.

Vote to increase state revenues (advisory votes 1 and 2)

I’m not absolutely certain but I suspect the only reason we’re being asked to vote on these is because it raises state revenues and previous versions of the current initiative 1185 obligate the legislature to send increases to the voters in some cases. In any case, the state needs more revenue to pay for things we actually need. Removing some deductions for financial institutions and petroleum extraction doesn’t strike me as a particularly awful place to find new revenue (actually increasing broader taxes is politically off the table). So I’m voting to maintain (approve) these laws passed by the legislature.

Approve King County proposition 1 to maintain a property tax levy

The levy is to support the (pre-existing) automated fingerprint identification system (AFIS). While I have strong doubts that fingerprinting as it is currently used is an effective and fair forensic method, rejecting a property tax levy to maintain an existing system isn’t really the way to advocate for reforms in criminal forensics. I’ll be approving this levy.

Approve the city of Seattle proposition 1 to fund the Alaskan Way seawall

I might not think the in progress Alaskan Viaduct replacement tunnel is the best way to fix the waterfront, but the seawall does need repair and improvements. That takes money. So again, I’ll be approving this proposition.

That’s all for the initiatives, referenda, and advisory votes on my ballot. I may or may write about candidates. I suspect anyone who knows me can guess who I’m likely to vote for though. :)

This post is part of series on the 2012 election, focused on the state of Washington. I highly recommend having a look at the state’s main voter guide before casting your ballot.