Baked blueberry pancakes!

In my continuing series of "what can I cook in cute 7 inch individual cast iron pans", this morning we made individual blueberry pancakes!

A half eaten very thick pancake with falling apart bits of blueberry all over.

I started with this recipe. It called for a 10 inch pan which once I did the math on volumes, I decided to double the recipe so I would have enough batter for at least four pancakes. Other modifications were that we still have leftover powdered milk, so I used that and I added vanilla. The pans were oiled with coconut oil (we buy it by the large bucket). The blueberries we used frozen and I kind of guessed at —two cups seemed like way too much for five pans (how much the batter worked out to when scooping about half to two thirds of a cup into each). But mostly I followed the source recipe, for once.

Anyway here's a picture of a pancake in the pan. They came out with no trouble.

A small cast iron skillet entirely full with a pancake.