Short Version

I’m Rachael Ludwick. I currently live in Seattle, Washington, USA with my partner, baby and cats. I work at Glowforge as as software developer. We’re making an awesome product involving LASERS and you should check it out.

I do various political and social advocacy things around town in my spare time.

But, disclaimer: this is a personal web site and nothing here or elsewhere on the web represents my employer or organizations I volunteer or work with. If you’d rather read this blog via a feed reader, here’s the rss feed.


Email is the easiest. If you want to speak on an encrypted channel, I’m on Signal. I sometimes post pictures on Flickr. I am also in The Fediverse: local & transportation stuff at @rachael@social.ridetrans.it or more generally at @r343l@freeradical.zone.

Comment Policy

I no longer have comments. My old site before migrating to WordPress had comments using Disqus on many older posts. They are gone (but somewhere on Disqus’ site). I don’t believe in having comments without moderation and I don’t have time to moderate. But if you’re interested in my general approach to comments on a personal website, see how John Scalzi moderates his blog. If you want to know my opinion about comments on news, etc. websites, see Comments suck right? So why do you have them?.