I’m Rachael Ludwick. I currently live in Seattle, Washington, USA with my partner, kid and cats. I currently work at Actual as a software developer helping build better systems for planning change. I do various political and social advocacy things locally in my spare time, as well as ride my bike and make pottery (see a fun recent one). If you'd rather read this blog via a feed reader, here's the rss feed. I've gone through a lot of different blog areas over time so what you find in older posts might not be a topic I write much about anymore! I also am a disabled non-driver due to past and ongoing eye and other health issues that have led to substantial blindness ssues which also has strongly affected what I talk and write about. Some of it is fun, some of it is not. :) There are no comments but feel free to reach out on social media or email (see below). Disclaimer: this is a personal web site and nothing here or elsewhere on the web represents my employer or organizations I volunteer or work with.


Email is the easiest. If you want to speak on an encrypted channel, I'm on Signal. I sometimes post images on Flickr. I am also in The Fediverse: