Three Years at Glowforge!

Tomorrow is my three year anniversary at Glowforge working as a software developer and erstwhile manager!

When I started there were about fifteen people. Since then we’ve hired a lot of folks, some folks have left but there are a lot more of us now. That doesn’t even include the many people working at partners like our main manufacturer.

When I started there weren’t many Glowforge printers and they were all partially hand assembled and no customers had one. Now there are tens of thousands! Our customers are the best and they make beautiful things that I would never have thought possible.  You can even buy a Glowforge at my old place of work (and absurdly get Prime shipping).

I sometimes make things myself (either at work or the one we bought). My things are not usually terribly beautiful. I do make a lot of political in-jokes though like these Vision Caca buttons!

Image of a set of Glowforge printed wooden buttons with a Vision Caca logo on one side and instructions for reporting street issues on gthe other side.
Vision Caca buttons

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